About Us


about usBeing raised at the drag strip with my Dad racing in the NHRA Superstock created the enviorment for superior performance. We began working in the EFI field in 1986 at Hypertech. During those early years I spent hours upon hours learning everything you need to know on how speed equipment affects the fuel and spark needs of an engine. Most of Hypertech’s calibrations, until 1995, were derived from tuning I mapped out on one of the company’s SuperFlow engine dynos. With the experience I offered to Hypertech through mapping and development, they formed their Custom Tuning Department. We spent much of our time on both engines & chassis dynos to develop performance tuning computer chips for GM and Ford Vehicles. Being one of the first to use this technology, I applied an EFI system to my personal dragster. We saw the benefits of Electronic Fuel Injection Systems and formed © MOTORVATION in 2002. We now offer complete solutions to your EFI needs and more.