Fuel Injector Cleaning

Why should you clean and flow-test your injectors: 

  • Improves fuel mileage and performance
  • removes contaminants inside and outside the injector that disrupts fuel flow and fuel spray patterns
  • to properly measure your injector’s fuel flow
  • informs us of injector performance so the vehicle can use matching injectors for tuning the vehicles fuel system

Most sets of fuel injectors can be cleaned and flow tested to improve performance. Our cleaning process tests your injectors for disruptions in flow. Next we preform a ultrasonic cleaning to remove debris from inside and outside injectors. Followed by new filter installation and re flow testing to ensure performance. Here are some illustrations on how our injector cleaning could benefit you.

Above: Injector spray patterns are inconsistent and are delivering inaccurate fuel volume levels.


You will see dramatic improvements in consistency and spray patterns after cleaning. Fuel volume levels are delivered accurately.


The Ultrasonic bath effectively clean and break down the buildup of debris and contaminates throughout the injector. Restoring it to perform as good as new! The cleaning solution is “totally safe” to use and “environmentally friendly.”

To ensure accuracy we follow up with another flow testing. Our customers are extremely satisfied with our 24 hours turn around time on most injectors.