Custom Tuning Solutions


With Motorvation Performance Tuning, we reprogram your vehicles computer to improve your car’s performance. Improved drivability is obtained by adjusting the timing curve and air/fuel mixture. With Motorvation Performance Tuning, you get more performance with improved drivability and better fuel economy.
In newer model vehicles the removable data chip has been replaced with a reprogrammable computer, which can be programmed by a Motorvation hand held flash tuner or programmer or the ECU can be sent in for an in house custom flash.

All reprogramming is designed for a specific vehicle application. Each application has been thoroughly tested under real driving conditions. Motorvation brings you maximum performance in each program, whether it be a chip or a hand held flash tuner.

In 2008 MOTORVATION launched the MOTORVATOR ECU product line. This signaled the beginning of fast, affordable fun for EFI fans.

The MOTORVATOR ECU features the industry’s most user friendly format allowing the first time user to navigate thru the latest technology with ease. It is perfect for use with turbos, superchargers and nitrous oxide, while using terminology that doesn’t require an engineering degree.

We also sell most top of the line EFI brands and  accessories (Holley,Fast,Accel,Edelbrock and EFI Technologies). We will work along side you to provide a complete solution for you vehicle’s EFI needs.

MOTORVATION also provides custom machine work services for converting any intake to become EFI compatible.

Fuel injectors are available for any application, along with injector cleaning and flow testing services, to ensure that your injectors are operating at their full potential.

The final ingredient is unsurpassed, experienced technical support. MOTORVATION offers  affordable consultation to help install or troubleshoot issues you are having with your combination or to create a personalized combination.