Adam Chioda

“The installation of the MotorVation EFI system has proven to be a great addition to my racing program. I have noticed a considerable improvement in the
overall consistency of my dragster and the ability to tune the car. I can attest to the fact that with the improvements that the system has made I have gone
to numerous semi finals and we have won our first race this year with only a few weeks into the 2008 season. The system is incredibly easy to use and I was
able to figure it out within the first uses of the system. The 60 foot times are consistently in the 1.11s and ET’s are very predictable. I would also like
to mention that the team at MotorVation are extremely supportive and have been able to answer all my questions promptly. I have been sincerely impressed
with the quality of customer support and I want to thank the guys for all their assistance! MotorVation will be my number one choice for all my EFI needs!”