Will Tataryn

I live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and own a 1991 Chevrolet Caprice wagon with the 350/330 hp HO GM Crate engine. We had installed non- Motorvation chip a couple weeks ago because they told us they could make us a custom chip for my engine the one they sent us was for a stock 350 […]

Ken Isaacman, Memphis,TN; owner

“I admit I’m a bit sentimental about my ’95 Suburban. However, after purchasing a late model version I was really disappointed with the lack of power, responsiveness and overall fuel efficiency of my ’95 as compared to my new one. I purchased an aftermarket chip for the ’95 from one of MotorVation’s competitors , but […]

Terry Kirby, Brighton,TN; owner

“ If you’ve ever owned a street rod, you know the frustration of turning the key and hoping it will start. You then endure the first few minutes of rough idle and eventual adjustment, just to go for a pleasure ride. My Motorvator EFI system has solved that. It not only starts and runs smoothly, […]

Mike Tyler Counce, TN

” I have owned and enjoyed my 24′ Supra inboard boat since I purchased it new in 1988. It has been a great boat, and still looks brand new. It has a 454ci engine that I had feared had seen its last days. It wouldn’t start or run without a lot of coaxing and TLC. […]

Adam Chioda

“The installation of the MotorVation EFI system has proven to be a great addition to my racing program. I have noticed a considerable improvement in the overall consistency of my dragster and the ability to tune the car. I can attest to the fact that with the improvements that the system has made I have […]